Aloo Palak Recipe

Aloo Palak Recipe
Ingredients :

  1. 1 cup of spinach
  2. 2-3 big sized potato
  3. 2 medium sized onion
  4. 1 medium sized tomato
  5. Jeera
  6. Dhaniya powder
  7. Jeera powder
  8. Garam masala powder
  9. Kashmiri lal mirch
  10. Ginger and garlic paste
  11. Chilli paste
  12. Heavy cream
  13. Cooking oil
  14. Salt as per taste

Detailed Process :

  1. Cut the spinach leaves into small size and boil them
  2. Let the leaves cool down and then make a puree out of them
  3. Cut the potatoes in small size or any other size as per your choice
  4. Make onion paste and tomato paste separately
  5. Now, heat the pan and add onion paste and let it fry completely
  6. Add ginger garlic and chilli paste and fry it completely till the aroma goes away
  7. Add all the dry masala powders and let it fry completely
  8. Add salt as per your taste. This will speed up the frying process
  9. Add tomato puree and let it get fried completely
  10. Now add the spinach puree and let it get mixed completely with fried onion and tomato puree
  11. Finally add medium sized potatoes and let it boil. Cover it while boiling.
  12. Finally top the gravy with a thick heavy cream and let it boil for some minutes

You can adjust the curry quantity as per the thickness you want. If you want it more thick then don’t add water, just let it completely get boiled and vice versa.


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